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Vehicle Acquisition

Era Motorsport is expertly placed to discreetly help clients source, acquire and manage automotive assets. 



Unlike dealers and brokers, we act exclusively on behalf of buyers, advising on acquisitions without bias or incentive from the selling side. This guarantees our clients' best interests are served at all times. 

Ongoing management thereafter (for example, restorations, storage arrangements, maintenance, event and competition entries etc) are charged on an hourly basis by separate negotiation if desired.

In addition to specialist search and acquisition services, we also provides strategic advice to maximize value of collections and enjoyment of each vehicle.

Kyle's reputation, knowledge and extensive network connects him globally to marque specialists, owners, dealers, mechanics, and historians alike, enabling him to conduct a thorough search for off-market specialty cars and offer well versed, and impartial advice gained from the best experts in their respective field. 

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