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Driver Development

For the most part, our clients are busy, successful business people with demanding lives. Time and again our resident coach, Kyle Tilley and his team, have proven that with the right application and long term commitment, even complete beginners can reach previously unimaginable heights within motor sport.


Whether you are an amateur racing driver looking for those last few seconds, an aspiring professional looking for those last few tenths, or simply an enthusiast track driver yearning to hold a four-wheel drift or improve your lap times, we can help you reach your goals. 





Solely relying on an instructor in the car with you or just doing the data overlay works as an initial way to get up to speed, however if you aren't trying different approaches and questioning what works for you when behind the wheel, the chances of your new found speed remaining with you 4 weeks later when you are back behind the wheel again are very slim.


With the experience gained throughout his career racing for top teams at an international level, as well as years of instructing amateur drivers, corporate groups and celebrities alike, Kyle Tilley has helped numerous individuals with his professional approach and relaxed teaching methods. 

The job of a professional coach is not only to overlay your data against an optimal lap; it is to make you think about and try things with your own driving, creating your own unique driving and learning style when behind the wheel.

“As well as being a fantastic racing driver, Kyle is without doubt one of the best Driver Coaches I have worked with, I went from being a nervous driver in anything other than dry conditions, to having more confidence than I ever thought possible.”

Martin Perry, Amateur Driver and CEO of West of England Residential

Really endorse Era Motorsport and Kyle Tilley. He's been with us since the very beginning of our team's entrance into the American Endurance Racing series - through the tough learning years to the back to back championships. As a coach and team member he "fires on all cylinders" with help on team strategy, car preparation, set up, and driver coaching. He has been an integral part of growing this team into a successful enterprise, and bringing my own driving level way up from where we started. Great enthusiasm and always a positive presence. Pretty good sense of humor, too - for a Brit. 
Thank you, Kyle Tilley!

- Thomas Rossi

“What this lad doesn't know about how to set up a race winning car, isn't worth knowing! Showed a 2 time LeMans Winner how to shave 2 tenths of his lap time around Silverstone GP!! Much to everyone’s amusement!”


Michael Roberts, Lola LMP2 Owner

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