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Chassis Analysis

Understanding vehicle dynamics, and how it affects the performance & handling of your car is not an easy task. Era Motorsport is proud to offer the latest cutting edge technology that will analyze the set up of your vehicle long before it reaches the circuit. 


Whether you are a top flight racing team in need of reliable feedback, or a father/son duo hoping to find a few those last few tenths and improve car set-up, through our use of professional racing drivers and a partnership with UK based RaceDyn we can help! 

The services Era Motorsport offer are unrivaled in North America. Please see below for more details.

This service allows your time at the track to be more effective and productive. The value for both time and money is undeniable!

Vehicle Dynamics Analysis and Recommendations

  • Geometry and Kinematics Analysis and Settings

  • Braking Analysis

  • Ride Frequencies Analysis

  • Spring and Anti-Roll Bars Measurement

  • Tire Spring Rate Analysis

  • Damping Analysis

  • Steady-State, Mid Corner Analysis

  • Roll Analysis

  • Stability Analysis

  • Steady-State, Corner Exit Phase Stability Analysis

  • Springs, Anti-Roll Bars and Dampers -  Design and Settings

  • Basic Bump Steer Assessment

  • 12 Page Report, including Analysis Results and Recommendations

Additional Services

(Assumes Initial Dynamic Analysis Completed)

  • Complete 3 Dimensional Steering Geometry Analysis

  • Bump Steer Analysis

  • Ackermann Geometry Assessment

  • Steering Ratio Analysis

  • Steering Weight Analysis

  • Brake Balance Analysis

  • Derivative Analysis. Optimises yaw response and stability at turn-in.

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