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Race Car Preparation

Preparing and racing historic race cars requires the expertise of highly skilled technicians. Our crew has experience in Formula cars, Indycar, and a wide variety of sports cars, providing a background on which we have built a firm foundation to provide engineering solutions that ensure each and every car is run to the highest possible standards, making the time your car is at the track safer and more effective.




Being located in the motorsport mecca of Indianapolis, we have a network of top-class suppliers to ensure our clients’ vehicles have all of the support imaginable. We can build a race car from a shell, recommission a barn find, and refresh and tune up your go to race car. With an eye for attention to detail, we strive to keep your vehicle period correct while improving the safety and reliability. Safe. Reliable. Fun. Your passion is our passion. Let's go racing. 

Our race day doesn't start at the track, but at the shop, days, weeks & months beforehand as we prepare your vehicle to arrive ready to race, shining like a show car. 

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